Go Bucks!

Saturday Bill and I took Mikko and Janika to the Ohio State football game. Fall in Ohio for most people revolves around the Buckeye Football team. Being an alum and a little biased, I can’t think of a better place to watch and experience a football game than Ohio Stadium. Over 100,000 people were on hand to watch the Buckeyes upset the Wisconsin Badgers in the final seconds.


My stay in the states


Rogue gave me an opportunity to come to states and work/train here. I took three months off from my day job as a firefighter/ rescue diver ( yes a diver….water is no Kryptonite to me!).
I helped to built the Rogue HQ gym, which came pretty cool.
At the moment my training goes pretty much three days on and one day off. At training days I do two different sessions. My usual training day Includes some lifting, skill training, intervals by rower or running and a metcon. I have added to my training, movements and combinations which are new to me. And I definitely have liked that! I have a chance to train with Dan Bailey, which is a really good thing. We push each other a bit more….
At my rest days I just eat a lot and try to avoid any sports.
Otherwise my time here in the States has gone by looking around different places and trying to learn American way of life.
I’m having a rest day today, but tomorrow I’ll be back for training. I have few pretty good wod’s in my mind.



Rogue Athletes competed in the UFC Fan Expo in Houston October 7-8. The team of Matt Chan and Chris Spealler edged out Josh Bridges and Mikko Salo for the top spot. On the women’s side, Kristan Clever claimed the top spot with her teammate from Valley CrossFit Katie Hogan.

The competitors were tested in a team “Jackie”, a Dummy Carry, and a classic Chipper on day 1. Day 2 each team used an Axle for Deadlifts, bar muscle ups on the Infinity Rig, and ended with a variety of movements that included dips, squat snatches and a 1500 meter row.