Save the Boobs!

Last night I had the honor of participating in, “Amazing Grace,” part of the Barbell for Boobs tour at CrossFit New Albany in New Albany Ohio.

The event was run and MC’d by both Keith Simon of Crossfit New Albany as well as a stellar crew who has dedicated the past month or more to touring the country and raising money for Mammograms in Action.   Now in it’s final week this tour has raised near a half a million dollars to help fight breast cancer! Unreal!

The workout Grace has always been close to my heart as it was one of my first CrossFit named workouts but after hearing Zionna Munoz and several others share their personal stories as to why this event and fundraising is so important my motivation level was through the roof!

The night kicked off with several heats of CrossFitting kids, several of which had technique better then my own.  PR’s were set in every heat that rolled by and the support and energy in the box was intense.

The past two times I have done Grace I have scored a 1:36, followed a year and a half later by 1:10.

This time around I landed a 1:02 (See Video) putting me just ahead of a 19 year old from TX who scored a 1:05! At 19yrs old a 1:05 is FLYING!

The cheers of the crowd and mood of the evening definitely helped push through those last 10 reps when your body is screaming at you to drop the bar.

Great evening, great event, great people

Laying Low

As a result of poor recovery, last Thursday (Oct 13th) I started to feel the first signs of sickness: fatigue (more than normal), headache, stuffy nose etc.  I tried to push through it into Saturday with Nasty Girls and Jerk practice but came out the other end crushed!  Although I PR’d, 4:46 and 310# (thank you Speal, Mikko, and Joe Alexander) this was not a wise decision as you will see the result for the next three-four days.

Sunday: I took completely off and got 12 hours of sleep.

Monday: I took completely off and got 11 hours of sleep.

Tuesday: I started to feel a little better and ran to the gym in the morning (1.4miles) and did some front squats.

3sets x30reps (115,120,135) Could have done more but why risk it, just rest!

10 hours of sleep

Wednesday:  Back to 80-90%!

AM – Warm-up:  Row 2k

WOD: 10 OHS, 50dubs x 3 rounds – 2:46

PM: Heavy Deadlift: 5×5  (405,425,455,475,500×3) Push Press (4×8 @ 185)

WOD: 7 deadlifts @ 315, 7 push press with 45# dumbbells.  10 or 11 rounds +2 reps – BACK WAS WRECKED!

Notes: A year and a half ago my best dead lift was a 475# single now to 500# for a triple!  Trying to beat Mikko in every workout can be an exhausting experience haha!

Thursday: Warm-up: Ran to Rogue with 12# in the box vest, 60 pushups 30 pull-ups.

WOD: 3 rounds: 3min on 1 min off of – 3 thrusters @115#, 6 burpee  (jump and touch Dirty South Bar) 9 pull-ups on the fat bar.  Averaged just over three rounds per 3 min

Rest 5 min

5 rounds not timed – 10 GHD sit-ups, 10 back extension, (switched between Rogue GHD sit-ups and toes to bar.)

Ran home with vest.